My Training System not only trains your dog but most importantly I teach you the necessary skills to communicate properly with your dog. The miscommunication between dog and owners is why I get called, I bridge that communication gap so you and your dog learn to speak the same language. This is done through customized private training, board & train, behavior training, and puppy training. If you are not sure where to start click here for more information. 

Brian DeMartino is a professional dog trainer, behaviorist, and owner educator that has observed and studied the natural behaviors of canines for many years. Through this he has developed a system that breaks down the ways that dogs receive, process, and learn the information that we send them and he teaches those steps to dog owners. Once dog owners learn these steps they are able to communicate and get the responses they want from their dog and will be able to provide the right type of guidance and structure. No matter how well trained your dog becomes from a trainer, if you do not learn how to properly practice those new skills and the way that it was done then that communication barrier and inconsistency comes back and your dogs regression will happen. For new puppy owners Brian teaches you how to keep unwanted behaviors from developing so your puppy grows into a well behaved, well mannered, socialized and obedient adult dog.


Board & Train

Customized Boarding & Training based around your dogs individual needs.

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Behavior Modification

Modifying Dog Behaviors: such as aggression, anxiety, fears, & guarding.

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Private Sessions

Dog Training Lessons done at your home.

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Puppy Training

Jump start to establishing the foundations of proper training & guidance for your puppy.

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Obedience & Manners

Obedience Training & Manners from basic on leash to advanced off leash.

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Online Dog Training

Interactive  Online Dog Training Lessons through Zoom & Skype. 

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